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Fairy White Lightening Lotion

Fairy White Lightening Lotion

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This Fairy White Lightening Lotion is a powerful, yet gentle, skin whitening lotion that will help brighten and even out your complexion. Formulated with natural botanical extracts, this lotion is designed to help reduce the appearance of pigmentation, dark spots, and other skin discolorations. With regular use, your skin will gradually lighten and regain its natural glow. Enjoy the benefits of a brighter complexion with this powerful skin whitening lotion.



Evens out skin tone and makes it firmer giving a more radiant complexion

Fights against a dull complexion and diminishes the visible appearance of pigment spots

Hydrates and protects the epidermis 

The skin is soft, supple and radiant .


Active ingredients

AHA (fruit acids)


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